Open Porches, open days!

The branded producers and service providers of the Alpokalja-Fertő region are waiting for you with the local products, tastings, farm tours and much more that can be bought from the producers!


Zsuzsanna Horváth-Dori's business was started in 2000. In its small family manufactory, it produces 19 syrups with different flavors, jams and pickles made from local ingredients, vegetable juices and jams.

 They are engaged in contract manufacturing, whether in the form of syrups, jams or pickles.

 We are happy to recommend our gift packages made of their own products for family occasions, corporate events or as a souvenir of the beautiful days in Fertőd.

Remember that jams and syrups placed in packages are natural products made from natural ingredients, so what you give is not only delicious, but also healthy!


Fertőd Szörp Bt. Address: 9431 Fertőd Béke u. 13. Phone: + 36-99 / 370-220, + 36-20 / 265-5058

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