Vizi rence hiking trail

Total distance: 6 km

On the western side of Fertő, we present the wildlife of the reeds, canals and inland lakes enclosed by reeds during an adventurous 6 km long canoe tour. The route of the route takes you through the almost uninterrupted world between the Csárdakapui canal and Lake Kláder, where many wonders await the attentive observer. Perhaps the most interesting of these is the seaweed with its golden-yellow flowering "insectivorous" reeds, the ability to observe reed warblers (reed warblers, spotted reed warblers, barn owls), great egrets, red herons, reeds and various ducks.

Important information!

The hiking trail can only be visited with a guided tour of the national park!
The hiking trail starts at the entrance of the Csárdakapui canal, which is located between Balf and Fertőrákos. GPS: 47 ° 40 '42.89 "N; 16 ° 40' 40.43" E Map
Parking is available at the Csárdakapui canal.


A túra során megismerhető látnivalókat, amelyek nemcsak szemet gyönyörködtetőek hanem íz- és illat élményekkel várnak!

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