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From Lake Fertő to Alpokalja

Fertőd – Fertőszentmiklós – Röjtökmuzsaj – Nagylózs – Sopronkövesd – Nikitsch – Deutschkreutz – Nagycenk – Hidegség – Fertőhomok – Hegykő – Fertőszéplak – Fertőd

Total distance: 54.7 km

Elevation: 198m, descent: 188m

Medium difficulty

The round trip leads to the most beautiful landscapes of the foothills of the Alps and the Fertő landscape from here and beyond.

The tour starts from Fertőd from the Esterházy Castle, touches the Church of St. Nicholas in Fertőszentmiklós, and then continues a few hundred meters from the lookout tower in Fertőszentmiklós. We reach the Felsőbük-Nagy-Ürményi Castle (Szidónia Castle Hotel) on a lower road to Röjtökmuzsaj. Passing by the Muzsaj fishing lake we reach Nagylóz, a unique, so-called due to its herringbone Romanesque masonry. Winds surround us on the way to Sopronkövesd, then from the village center, next to the Kotec Forest, we drive to Nikitsch (Füles) in Austria, and then from the Renaissance Nádasdy Castle to the famous Deutschkreutz (Sopronkeresztúr). We return to Hungary, to Nagycenk, the “largest Hungarian” village on a dirt road surrounded by vineyards, where we can see the many monuments of the Széchenyi heritage. It got its name from the springs from the springs, several of which are dripping in the Papkert. In Fertőhom, we cycle next to the Country House, followed by Hegykő, known for its thermal bath, which is named after an ancient, sacred stone. In Fertőszéplak, built on four hills, the “Széplaki Hármashalom” and the Széchényi Castle rise on the Templom Hill, and then we pass back to the starting point by passing the Country Houses.


Fertőd - Esterházy Castle, Fertőszentmiklós - St. Nicholas Church, Szeredi Chapel, lookout tower, Röjtökmuzsaj - Sidonia Castle Hotel, Nagylózs - King St. Stephen's Cemetery Chapel, Sopronkövesd - Kotec Castle, Nikitsch - Zichy , Nagycenk - Széchényi Mausoleum, St. Stephen's Church and Széchenyi Square, Széchenyi Castle and Hársfasor, Hidegség - St. Andrew's Church, Papkert, Fertőhomok - St. Anne's Church, Country House, Hegykő - SA Fertőszéplak - “Széplaki Hármashalom”: All Saints Church and Baroque Calvary, Széchényi Castle (Peisonia Visitor Center), Country Houses


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