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Lake Neusiedl great circle

Fertőrákos – Mörbisch – Rust – Oggau – Purbach – Breitenbrunn – Winden am See – Jois – Neusiedl am See – Weiden – Podersdorf – Illmitz – Apetlon – Fertőújlak – Sarród – Fertőd – Fertőszéplak – Hegykő – Fertőhomok – Hidegség – Fertőboz – Balf – Fertőrákos

Long distance: 120 km

Elevation: 234 m, lowering: 234 m

Difficulty: HEAVY

Significant ascents and slopes can be expected on the Fertőrákos-Mörbisch, Fertőrákos-Balf and Fertőboz-Balf sections of the round trip to the entire World Heritage Site. Due to the multitude and variety of attractions, it is worth planning the completion of the circle for 2-3 days, learning about the essence of the 20,000-year-old Lake Neusiedl and the cultural landscape that has developed around it over the millennia. Among its natural values ​​in Austria, the Zittmansdorfer Wiese with its bee-watching point and the largest surviving saline lake in the Fertőzug, the Lange Lacke, are the most significant. In Hungary, we can admire the true beauty of the landscape at the reconstructed saline lakes around Fertőújlak. The Esterházy Castle in Fertőd and the Quarry and Cave Theater in Fertőrákos are the most popular in Hungary, and the historic old town of Rust and the iconic Podersdorf lighthouse with the most beautiful sunsets on the lake are the most popular in Austria.

Major sights in the big circle:

Fertőrákos - Fertőrákos Quarry and Cave Theater, Mörbisch - Water stage, Rust - Historic city center with the Fisherman's Church, Purbach - Cellar row, Breitenbrunn - Turkish tower (Holy Crown preserved here), Jois - Wine Trail, Wis Apetlon - Lange Lacke, lllmitz - Neusiedlersee-Seewinkel National Park Information Center, Sarród - Lászlómajor Demonstration and Kócsagvár, Fertőd - Esterházy Castle, Fertőszéplak - Peisonia Visitor Center, Hegykő - SÁ-RA Thermal, Hid Zsolnay drinking fountain


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